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Welcome To EZGURU

EZGURU is a web based knowledge management application that allows you to dramatically improve any area you choose for your company:

Efficiency ... Sales ... Quality ... Marketability
Customer satisfaction ... Profitability ... etc.

EZGURU creates its magic by allowing managers to gradually build a database of questions and multiple-choice answers that reflect the knowledge employees need in order to excel. Employees then spend just a few minutes each day answering questions and reviewing correct answers.

For example, suppose a manager sees a product assembled with a label placed in the wrong location.  She might enter a multiple-choice question about where the label should be placed. Similarly, suppose a new employee files an important document at the wrong time. A manager might enter a multiple-choice question about the corrrect time to file. The questions and answers will then propogate thru the company and the associated problems will start to occur less and less. The company will begin to run more smoothly and efficiently and the staff will get better and better in whatever skill areas are addressed.

This simple yet powerful foundation allows to:

  • improve everyone's performance
  • distribute knowledge with minimal effort
  • measure knowledge levels with informative reports
  • communicate skills once and for all
  • combat recurring problems
  • get new people up to speed fast

Getting started is quick and easy.


To see for yourself how easy it is to use EZGURU visit our "Cupcake Factory" demonstration.

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To see for yourself how easy it is to use EZGURU visit our "Cupcake Factory" demonstration.



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